Un congreso para mirar hacia el siglo XVIII: Speculations

Organizado por la Universidad de Salamanca y la British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS), tendrá lugar los días 13 y 14 en la Facultad de Filología de la USAL.

Podéis consultar el book of abstracts a continuación:

Cartel del congreso Speculations

El programa del congreso es el siguiente:

Viernes 13 de julio

10.30-11.30h. Pedro Javier Pardo: ‘Spanish Speculations on the Rise of the Novel in English

11.30-12.30h. Panel One: Childhood and Education
Regina Maria dal Santo: ‘Malleable Creatures? Divines, Education and Charity in the Eighteenth-Century’
Alexandra Prunean: ‘“Entertainment and Instruction” in Children’s Literature in the Late Eighteenth Century’

Panel Two: Intercultural Influences
Beatriz Leal-Riesco: ‘Los efectos del pensamiento ilustrado en África a través de las películas de Jean-Marie Teno’
Isabelle Gutton: ‘Port-Royal y la traducción del ‘Quijote’ en los albores de la Ilustración’

Panel Three: Apocalypse and Disorder
Elissavet Velli: ‘Considering the Aesthetics of the Apocalypse: William Blake’s Vision as a Reaction to Eighteenth Century England’
Sarah Lovell: ‘The Rime of Ancient Sisyphus: ‘Absurd’ Speculations in Eighteenth Century Literature’

12.30-14.00h. Panel Four: British Identity Under Pressure
Barry O’Connell: ‘The Speculation of Salamanca: Patrick Curtis and British intelligence in the war against Napoleon’
Rhys Jones: ‘Ancient Britons and Modern Politics: History, Nationality and Wales in the 1790s’
Frauke Jung: ‘Speculation, News and Nation: Dissecting Defoe’s The Anatomy of Exchange-Alley (1719)’

Panel Five: Sex and sexuality
Katharine E. Zimolzak: ‘Sluts and Spectacle in Mary Pix’s ‘Adventures in Madrid’’
Darren N. Wagner: ‘Two Birds With One Stone? Gonads and Gender in Physiology and Anatomy’
Miriam Borham-Puyal: ‘Reconstructing the Past and Speculating about the Future: the Fallen Woman as National Warning in Eighteenth-Century American Literature’

16-17.00h. Panel Six: Political Speculations
Adam James Smith: ‘Theory, practise, and a Fiction Born of Speculation: The Speculative Relationships at Work within Joseph Addison’s The Spectator and The Free-Holder’
Jorge R. Blanco Vacas: ‘‘What the devil do you do here?’: landscape and Tory anxieties in Mr. Turbulent (1682)’

Panel Seven: Kingdoms, Colonies and Empire
Claire Holliss: ‘Delegated absolutism, the these nobiliaire and the crisis of governance in New France 1672-1681’
Trisha Liu: ‘Coveted But Not Conquered: How Hawai’i’s First King Withstood and Utilized the Western World’

17.30-19.00h. Panel Eight: The Female Sphere
Reyhane Vadidar: ‘Reading Money between the Lines; Mary Julia Young and Narrative Change’
Shelley Tickell: ‘The Genteel Shoplifter – Speculating on Class in London’s Fashionable Shopping Streets’

Panel Nine: Beyond the Text: Speculative Spaces
Mark Yates: ‘William Blake and the Paratexts of Print’
Helen J. Williams: ‘No Pun Intended? Tristram Shandy and Readerly Conjecture’
Grace Egan: ‘Spontaneity, familiarity, and revision in eighteenth-century letters’

Sábado 14 de julio

10-11h. Panel Ten: Religion and Rationality
Megan Kitching: ‘John Reynolds’ ‘Death’s Vision’: An Early Philosophical Poem’
Emma Salgård Cunha: ‘Experiment, Experience and Mere Speculation: John Wesley’s Rhetoric of Real Christianity’

Panel Eleven: Art and Literature of the Spanish Eighteenth-Century
Daniel Escandell Montiel: ‘El imaginario del tormento en el siglo XVIII español: discurso intelectual y abolición’
Sara Núñez Izquierdo: «Lo barroco” en la arquitectura salmantina del siglo XX’

Panel Twelve: Radical Knowledge
Samantha Lin: ‘From Speculations to Pamphlet War: The Influence of Burke on Wollstonecraft and Paine’
Mary Fairclough: ‘Dr Thomas Beddoes and the Politics of the Imagination’

11.30-12.30h. Corinna Wagner: ‘The Future of the Past: Nostalgic Speculations and Enlightenment Medicine

12.30-13.30h. Matthew Grenby: ‘Workshop: Academic Publication for Graduate Students

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